Hold My Beer And Watch This​.​.​.

by Coproach

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released October 14, 2015

Music and lyrics by Coproach
Recorded by Chris 'Uncle Phil' Gillespie
Artwork by Flid Grant



all rights reserved


Coproach Leeds, UK

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Track Name: Hospital fight
I'll never find God
He turned his back on me
Along time a go

On the drive home
Finish this endless war
At the end of the road
Shut your eyes
put the peddle to the floor
We're out in the storm
You've got your back to the window
Facing the wall

Hospital fight

We've come so fucking far
It's not where you've come from
It's where you are
Track Name: Gutless
Friend of a friend
Staring at me
I'm just doing my job
Is that all you see
No human compassion
'Till you've learnt your lesson
To serve and protect
To harm and dissect

Sew up your mouth
Swallow your tongue
You can't run away
From what you've become

Fighting the people
you're supposed to protect
Upholding the system
that others infect
Ruining lives
Inflicting abuse
'I'm just doing my job'
is not an excuse


Falsely imprisoned
Commited no crime
You became a cop
That's your choice not mine

Kicked in the face when your hands are tied
A good cop still works for the same side
Track Name: At the riverbed
Never grow up
Never give in

I've spent years
Trying to stay afloat
Every single fucking word
like fingers down my fucking throat
I've tried to drown the thoughts
In my head
But they live
At the bottom of the riverbed



Never grow up never give in
Never grow up never give in
Never grow up never give in
Never grow up never give in
It's our way of life and it always has been
Track Name: Pulling teeth
Your out of time
You've crossed the line
Im taking what's yours
And taking what's mine
Fuck those who think they protect and serve
Let's give these cunts what they fucking deserve

Nazi punks
Nazi punks
Nazi punks
Fuck off
Nazi punks
Nazi punks
Nazi punks
Fuck off

Cut open their heads
No brain will be found
We won't fucking rest
'Till every nazis in the fucking